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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. The most popular questions, you'll most likely find your answer here.
  4. - When is episode __ of (currently ongoing anime) gonna be added to the website?
  5. We follow HorribleSubs' release schedule, and series usually appear on site ~15 minutes after released there.
  7. - Can I request (currently ongoing anime) to be added if it isn't on the website?
  8. Before requesting, check HorribleSubs' website for their schedule, and check if the anime isn't already on the site.
  9. If it isn't there, leave a request in the Discord server. Preferably if the anime isn't on its last episode.
  11. - Why does the schedule link to an external site?
  12. HorribleSubs supply the site with subbed animes, therefore we link to their official release schedule.
  14. - Is there any anime in Dub/English?
  15. (Here is all the dub/english-language anime on the site, we primarily have anime on the site in sub, but some exceptions will be made and will have dub added eventually.
  17. - I wanna support the site financially, is it possible and if so, how can I do that?
  18. You can donate to the site by using Patreon, due keep in mind that your donation is a monthly subscription, but you can back out at any time, and you get sweet Donator benefits by donating.
  20. - Random text/numbers appear all over the screen instead of the subtitles, or the show is buffering/lagging alot, what's happening?
  21. That's an issue with the encoding, when Wolf (Site Owner) has time, he'll re-encode the episode(s) with the issue.
  24. Questions related to donating.
  26. - What are the benefits of being a Donator and how do I obtain these benefits?
  27. By Donating via Patreon, you get access to the Donator Server, so you'll be sharing more bandwith with less people, making everything much faster. You can obtain these benefits by linking your Patreon account with your Discord account. You'll know you're in the Donator Server if your username (in the top-right corner of the webpage) is Red, while normal users have it set to Grey.
  29. You can also donate using PayPal or BitCoin.
  31. - I wanna support the site, but I don't have any money to, is there any other way I can?
  32. Yes, when browsing the site, you can enable popunder, skyscraper, banner ads, or a mix of the three.
  33. Popunder Ads are once a day popup ads, Skyscraper Ads are very long-in-length ads that are displayed on the sides of your screen, and a Banner Ad is a small ad that you'll see on one side of your screen. Pick which ones to enable if you wanna support the site.
  36. Questions to your 4anime account.
  38. - Where is the Register/Sign Up button? I can't find it?
  39. When you click "Login", you can then click "Register" near the bottom of next page.
  41. - I want to delete my 4Anime account, change my username, lost my password, or want my password changed, what do I do?
  42. If you want your username on your 4anime account changed or your account deleted, please direct message Wolfwood on Discord. If you want your password, or you've lost your password, there should be a "Lost your password?" option you can click on in the Log In page.
  44. - Can I change my profile picture?
  45. No, not currently, but support for it is being worked on!
  48. If you have a question about requesting anime, you'll find your answer here.
  50. - Why isn't (insert anime) on site?
  51. You can request anime to be added in the future by joining the Discord Server, and depending on how big the backlog is, you may be able to request something!
  53. - How can I request (insert anime) to be put on the site?
  54. Depending on the date, you can request anime in the Discord Server, permissions to do so might fluctuate over time as the backlog shrinks and grows.
  56. - The new (insert anime movie/film) just released in theaters, can you guys add it to the site now?!
  57. If it was captured via a cam rip or low quality rip, sadly we can't, we'll add it once it gets a blu-ray release for it.
  60. Questions related to existing features, or future features.
  62. - Is there support for MyAnimeList or AniList integration?
  63. Not currently.
  65. - Is there an option for Casting?
  66. When pressing play, a cast button should appear in one of the corners. Support may vary depending on which browser you are using.
  68. - There's a feature I think would be make the site better, where can I request such a thing?
  69. You can suggest features on our Discord Server, and depending on the feature, it may one day become a reality! Do keep in mind that if its been requested a ton before, there's already a chance we've seen the demand.
  72. If you're that type of person.
  74. - How do I download anime?
  75. Clicking the download button sends you the raw mp4 file for the episode. You can download this file by right clicking the button and pressing "Download link".
  77. - Why does the download button only let me download 1 episode at a time?
  78. 4Anime is primarily a streaming service, and we do not specialize in downloading. To preserve bandwidth we prevent mass downloading.
  79. If you need to do this we would suggest using a torrenting site, such as
  82. Everything else that isn't under a specific category, or questions that are very self-explanatory, you'll find them here.
  84. - Is there a way to change the streaming quality? (360p, 480p, 720p, etc.)
  85. No, everything on the site is locked to 1080p.
  87. - What does the "Random" and "A&M" switches do?
  88. "Random" adds a row of randomly generated anime on the frontpage, while "A&M" generates one random anime and movie.
  89. You can refresh the anime given to you by clicking the icon in the top right corner.
  91. - How does the "Popular This Week" section works?
  93. - How does the Hall of Fame rank the anime?
  94. The Hall of Fame displays the most popular series ranked by view count.
  96. - How does the search system work?
  98. - Is there a movie section, so I can only find movies?
  99. You can find movies [here].
  100. You can also click the word "Movie" when you're viewing the page for a movie on the website.
  102. - Why did my anime progress disappear?
  103. The progress tracking is currently cache based, meaning it is stored in your browser. If you've reset your cache they will therefore be removed. Having progress be tied to your account is on the roadmap for the future.
  105. - Will site originals (Netflix, CrunchyRoll Originals, Amazon, etc.) be on the website?
  106. Yes, in fact some from Netflix are already available!

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